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If you have questions regarding Protech Audio products or pricing, or would like to request additional information from Protech, you can mail email, or call us.   When requesting product-specific information, be sure to include exact names and/or model numbers whenever possible.

  Protech Audio Address  

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  Additional Contact Info

Protech Audio Corporation
    PO Box 597
     192 Cedar River Road
     Indian Lake, NY 12842


     (518) 648-6410

     (518) 648-6395

  Regional Sales Representatives

If you would prefer to order Protech Audio products from one of our regional sales representatives, please select the appropriate representative for your region from those listed below:

   China, Taiwan, Singapore

  Yukon Sound Engineering Co. Ltd.
   Room 105, 106
   1231 Zhong Shan Road West
  Shanghai 200051 P.R. China
  Voice: 021-62751333


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