About Protech Audio Corporation

Protech Audio was established in 1979 in Saint James, New York.  Over the past - years, Protech equipment has been installed in over 20,000 projects worldwide, from the National Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand to corporate boardrooms in Germany.   Protech products provide quality and reliability.

Protech Audio Corporation
 About Protech Audio Products

The audio products manufactured by Protech are designed to cover many applications and budgets.

The Integra III System and its new companion products, the Models 2000 and 2000-C Dugan Automatic Mixing Systems, are designed for the highest reliability installations. With over 100 modules to choose from, this system provides the designer with maximum flexibility in designs.

The Toolbox Series of stand-alone rack mount mixers and distribution amplifiers provides solid audio performance in cost-effective mechanical packaging.

The Quicktrack Audio Modules are designed to fit into places that prevent standard rack units from being used. A by-product of the Quicktrack packaging is the low-cost.

Protech's specialty devices cover many unique applications.

 Our Customers

Almost all audio contractors in the U.S., from the small to the large, are Protech Audio customers.  We also serve international customers from Bangkok, Thailand, and Taiwan ROC to Germany and Switzerland.  In addition to the contracting market, most acoustical consulting firms have made use of Protech products in their designs. Even government contractors like Loral Aerospace, Boeing, and Lockheed-Martin use Protech products.

Installations include facilities such as Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, Notre Dame University, Harvard University, the Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta, and the Fannae Mae boardroom in Washington D.C. 

Protech products are also used in a variety of training systems, including those used to train A-6 and F-14 pilots. Virtually anywhere high quality, flexible audio equipment is needed, you can find Protech Audio products.

For your next project, give us a call. We will be happy to provide you with design assistance and engineering data sheets. See what it means to work with Protech Audio Corporation!

Ariel Rios Building, Washington, D.C.

The Ariel Rios Federal Building, at 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., was designed as the centerpiece of the 1930's 70-acre Federal triangle government office complex.  As a historical building, many additional restrictions made the conference room installation a challenge for all parties.

The conference room features Model 2000 Dugan Automixing, with 22 separate mix-minus feeds, to individual speakers mounted in fold-away panels in the table top.  The speakers are powered by Integra III System modular power amplifier cards.  The room features full audio/video teleconference capability.

Ariel Rios Federal Building

Orlando Aviation Authority Orlando Aviation Authority, Orlando, FL

When the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority realized they had outgrown their old facilities, they recognized that the old room type would no longer serve their needs. The new room had to serve as both a boardroom and a meeting room, where different parties could come to speak or make audio/video presentations.

The new room features two rear projection screens, an elliptical shaped board table, and a moveable lectern. All audio for the room is provided by Protech Model 2000 Dugan automixing, utilizing 20 mix-minus zones. Upon completion of the installation board members commented on the natural sound of the system. Greatly increased headroom, provided by the Dugan Speech System, allows for easy system operation, without danger of echo or feedback.


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