Custom Installations
Customized equipment and wired racks are available on a project-by-project basis.

Belmont Race ParkBelmont Race Park had over 60 zones, all requiring custom distribution, metering, and supervision. Custom meter panels were fabricated and aligned at the factory, allowing on- site personnel to monitor all 60 zones at a glance. Supervisory products notified maintenance personnel of zones encountering problems.

TWA International TerminalTWA International Terminal requires custom microphone stations at each of 40 gates. The mic stations were custom fabricated to the consultants' specifications. 

Lambeau Field Press RoomLambeau Field Press Conference Room seats 60 reporters, not to mention numerous camera positions. Complete two-way question-and-answer communications were accomplished with ceiling mounted microphones in the press area and customized voice-over circuitry, allowing the coach to maintain control of the proceedings.
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